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Life is Feudal Server Rules
General Rules:
⦁   RP is required when interacting with other players. For example, if you haven't met someone, you don't know their name. Moreover, if you want to take it further you can -> if someone is wearing armour and you can't see their face or anything that would point out who that person was, then you can pretend as if you are unsure who it is even though their name is bulging in front of your face
⦁   Offensive character naming or unfitting RP names are not permitted. That goes for claims as well.
⦁   24hrs between claim raids
⦁   It is expected that out of game information such as the Live map are not be used as a sole source of information in game. In other words if you have not had prior RP with a group in game, it is expected that you don't suddenly feel that you this group based off information found of the forums/livemap etc. You are required to engage in RP and learn the information yourself, whether that is by talking to other groups about this group, or talking to the target group themselves.
⦁   Uproot stumps when you cut down a tree
⦁   Do not deconstruct unfinished buildings, carts and so forth that are not yours. (griefing)
⦁   Adhere to the laws of physics
⦁   Platforms are allowed to be used to cross defensive ditches or mounds.
⦁   If a wall is just naturally able to be cleared (legitimately) you may jump it either by yourself or with your horse. However you cannot use the horse springing glitch or person boosting to clear walls
⦁   One character per player. Only GM's may have special event characters.
⦁   Do not push other people's horses out of claims. (griefing)
⦁   Players may not use 'prayer for homecoming' on another claim to avoid combat, diplomacy or general interaction at all
⦁   No recruitment in global. Explore the land and talk to the people in RP. You may organise to meet with someone and talk, but do not do your whole recruitment chat in global.
⦁   Players may not join a guild or faction with the sole intention on stealing and then leaving. (griefing)
⦁   Do not metagame in global chat.
⦁   No trading in global, no ravens or pigeons. If you want to trade you can see who is online and then travel to that person and engage in RP/trading
⦁  No tree walls
⦁  In the case of approaching a claim you wish to engage with, you may post a message in global such as “Hail *said claim*!” once to get their attention
⦁  Map bridges of any kind connecting land masses are not to be destroyed or dismantled under any circumstance. This does not include base "drawbridges" (these are allowed to be drawn/picked up for defensive reasons).
⦁  All official guild announcements and diplomatic actions must be posted to the forums under the corresponding sub section
  • This allows the server to be aware of such alliances and thus officialises their existence
Communicating on this server
1. What is and what is not allowed in global chat:
  • Hailing a claim - Allowed
    • This is to alert people inside the claim, and let them know someone is at the gate/claim.
  • All other communication in global cannot have any repercussions on any in game situations that can affect events.
  • "Oh I hate bears, got attacked again, so tired of them!" - Allowed
  • "Don't trust -player name- he just lied about the alliance."- Not Allowed
  • Do not rage in global, if you have an issue ask for a GM
  • No outing characters in global or in Discord

2. Out of game communications:
If you are alone in the desert, and surrounded by your sworn enemies. You cannot have your friends working in the field back at your claim act on your meta information. How would their characters know you are in the middle of the desert surrounded by enemies?

3. When communicating in game in local chat:
All communication shall be in character RP. The only exception to this is in situations you cannot control, like your bladder in the middle of a long RP discussion. For non in RP communications use double brackets like so: ((brb toilet)).

Important Note: In regards the VOIP and local chat, VOIP can be used in situations where both parties a simply engaging in friendly RP, however all hostile announcements and actions MUST be written in Local Chat in order to provide proof of the announcement. We promote the use of VOIP for higher levels of interaction between players however.

Combat Rules:
⦁   You may never attack a monument.
⦁   If a player yields instantly during combat, you must not kill them. You may knock them out and rob them. However if a player fights you and then yields as they near death, you have the option to finish them off, or knock them out.
⦁   If you are asked to leave a claim, you may choose to stay if you want, however you may be met with deadly force for your actions (trespassing). You have 30 seconds to remove yourself from the claim before actions can be taken against you.
⦁   Players may not use “prayer for homecoming”' during the course of a conflict or dispute.
⦁   If you are going to wage war, each party concerned needs to talk with a GM, wars are large scale conflicts and GM's need to be aware of them and clarify to each party the rules to avoid confusion.
⦁   No attacking offline claims at war time.
⦁ Once a claim raid during wartime or as a result of valid RP instances is deemed to be initiated (ie RP/PvP has begun etc) the aggressor must conclude the raid within 20 minutes. This is to avoid claim camping etc for prolonged periods of time. Once raid over you have 24hrs til you can come back

To declare war one must have a "Casus Belli". A reason for war. Once you have this you must present the Casus Belli to the GM, once approved you must present your terms to the defender. Terms must be relevant or fitting to the Casus Belli. For example "Kingdom A has expanded too close to us, Kingdom B, by taking our neighbouring province of Province C. Therefore out of land dispute we declare war to take Province C from Kingdom A." There you have a valid Casus Belli and a reasonable War Goal. The Defender will then have a chance to determine their demands shall they be victorious. Once sorted, the war parties will settle on a field of battle and settle it with a single Battle. The winner gets their demands and the loser loses. War Over.
Important notes:
For a war to be official, it must be posted on the forums under Roleplay with all the information detailed (Casus Belli, War Goals etc)

- Vassals must also be announced in this post making it clear to all who can be considered hostile and who is not
- If you wish to call an official ally to war, do so by calling them to war in your post. This ally must then reply stating whether they will accept your call or not
- Claims must leave 1 week of downtime between Wars minimum - Kingdom A and B finish their war. Kingdom A and B must have at least 7 days go by (real time) before another war declaration can occur between them. However Either of these Kingdoms during this time can be at war with Kingdom C (for example).

THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. If you decide you want to take someone over, you must have a VERY good reason. Once you have this, the battle WILL be a siege of their Town/city/fort whatever. You as the attackers must win. If you win, the defenders then must swear fealty to you, and serve your Kingdom as a Vassal under you. They will follow you into all Military action, and trade with you willingly and reasonably. All previous hostilities will end. HOWEVER, this is not necessarily the end for the Conquered town. The Conquered can use their Diplomacy to potentially find a way out. They could call on Liberators (other factions) to save them. The Liberators will organise a Pitched battle with the Overlord Kingdom to free the Vassal from their Overlords rule. The rest can be easily explained but here is the basic outline. In the original siege, if the Attacker Loses, the attacker simply loses and goes back home. Furthermore if the Liberator loses, then the Overlord Kingdom can enforce their demands on the Liberator, and then will also have fair grounds to enforce serious repercussions on the rebelling township such as Execution of Characters, Exile from township, Raze settlement (looting included) and Abandonment of the Settlement all together. These do not have to be enforced they are simply able to be. The point of this is not to be over the top or dicks, it is to give fair response to Rebellion. If you are going to rebel and fight for yourselves or call on a Liberator and have someone fight for or with you, then YOU MUST WIN or you MAY face serious game changing consequences.

To summarise, if you are a small group, use your brain and be nice to larger groups. However if you can fend for yourself, than be ready for what happens when you lose a conquering battle. Attacker loses nothing from the loss except for going home and dying etc. The defender however may become a vassal and then either can be a willing and happy vassal, or can call upon a liberator to save them. If the attempt to save you fails, then you may face serious repercussions.

⦁ RP death of a character happens in very specific  and hopefully rare situations. For example, if there is an execution or public duel between two leaders etc, then the killed player cannot continue to exist, and will need to take screenshots of stats and a gm will add stats to a new character (with a different name) or even easier, the admin can simply change your existing characters name to something new.

⦁   If a player aims to be a bandit they must ensure they use RP in their acts of banditry to give the victim a fighting chance. IE. do not simply KOS and rob, you must interact in Local Chat
⦁   If a bandit tries to rob a player off claim and that player is AFK, if the bandit doesn't get a reply from RP within 2min the bandit may knock out the player.
⦁   Bandits can only attack a settlement once every 24 hours.
⦁   Bandits can attack anyone multiple times off claim. If the victim is killed the bandits must wait 6 hrs before they can initiate a dispute again (outside of claim)
⦁   Bandits will always have to RP before a fight. If  the victim/s of banditry run away when they try to RP, then you are stating you are trying to escape and thus the bandit can attack with any means necessary.
⦁   Bandit groups are capped at 4 members based on the current average server pop and a maximum of two existing groups (currently). These numbers may be increased accordingly with server pop
⦁   This rule will be based on whether bandit groups can affiliate with one another. As of now the rule is undecided.
⦁   If someone yields then the bandits will knock the victim unconscious (they may not kill the victim) and then take as much as they can carry
⦁   During JH bandits are expected to avoid raiding offline claims
⦁   If you are killed in your claim, you respawn at your own risk as Bandits will want to loot you and if you come at them again attacking you might die again. On this, note that on respawn you must state you have no intentions of fighting again, by doing so you must follow what you have said and merely wait until the Bandit/s are done. As the bandit, if the victims aren't trying to harm you or interfere with the looting process after respawn, do not harm them.

If you choose to live the life of a bandit, it is then expected that you follow a realistic lifestyle of such a bandit. For example, you can't be a king (put simply you can’t be something you’re not). Your home is expected to represent a bandit like home, ie, you don't live in a giant Castle, with castle walls and a bustling city of bandits. You are more likely to build a fort or camp, with palisades and wooden structures. This is why bandits must announce themselves to the GM/Admins so that we can be aware of your choice to be that. Moreover the amount of server bandits will be limited.

Judgement Hour: TIME UNDECIDED
⦁   Judgement hour is one hour a week where claims no longer are protected, apart from gatehouses. Warehouses etc are physically able to be looted by anyone.
⦁  JH is however not a parallel universe hour, all actions taken could have rp consequences.
⦁ Judgment Hour can be turned on if there is a war, then no looting is allowed apart from the claims who are at war.
⦁ JH does not mean there is suddenly an exception for KOS - If you are at war with a faction, and KOS has been determined, then it is fine.
⦁ No stacking objects that cannot be moved in front of doors, like tanning tubs.

What is roleplay? Well you are playing a character and not yourself. But if this seems too hard for you just act like you are in medieval times.
Remember however that players characters might be jerks, that doesn't mean the player playing that character is a jerk in real life.
We encourage you however to go in to some depth and here are some suggestions:
Make a basic back story, it really doesn't need to be that elaborate. You can build on it as you go. Though it can be good to have an idea of who your character is and where he or she comes from. Main thing is that you have the feel and picture of who your character is. Other people will build their interpretations of who your character is depending on your actions. Obviously you are going to have some skills, and no matter how mixed this can be a part of the story of you. As the story of you is also something that progresses over time, your character might break free from a past life to live a new.

Must be GM announced. With current Server Pop  - maximum of 2 Merc groups currently
Claims that are mercenaries or have intentions to act as mercenaries should announce such (similar to a bandit claim)

It is expected that mercenaries are to act like such and therefore must adhere to the following rules

- Mercenary claims cannot claim provinces, however they can declare to act independently and not under the ruling or governing body of a province. If a governing body wish to enforce their laws upon a mercenary group within their province they may do so using roleplay.

- Mercenary claims are restricted to stone wall defences and a Small keep. A mercenary camp should not be a fortified castle

- If a mercenary group is hired to defend a claim during JH or any other situation they are expected to do so without stealing, or killing their employers, if a mercenary group has agreed to a contract and then have been offered a better price to turn on the original contract, 24hours (real life) must be given to the original employers. It is encouraged for claims who are going to be light numbers for JH or other situations to employ mercs

- Mercenary groups can not enter in defensive pacts, alliances or any of the sort with other claims, however they can have trade agreements and negotiations with other claims
- Mercenary groups cannot declare war on another claim. Other claims can declare war on them (with sufficient RP and a Cassus Belli) which in effect puts the merc group at war, but Merc groups cannot conquer other claims or provinces. (for the sake of alignment loss, merc groups can declare war in game against the enemies of their employers for the duration that they are hired for)

- If a merc group is hired to participate in a war, the opposing side(s) must be notified through a forum and discord post so they can expect aggression from that group. Once the war has ended or the contract has been fulfilled they are effectively no longer apart of the conflict and must return to neutral standings with all claims involved.

- all mercenary contracts must be clearly written with an objective, payment and duration. Screenshots are required of this agreement so that admins have a reference should the contract be disputed

- If a merc group enters an conflict they do so at their own risk, and are susceptible to the consequences of entering the conflict. IE: Kingdom A has finished their war with Kingdom B but seeks retribution on the merc group that assisted Kingdom B by declaring war. that is fair game (provided sufficient roleplay is included.)

- Mercenary Guilds must announce their participation in the War/Battle at least 24hrs before the battle takes place on the forums as a reply to the original War Declaration post - failure to do so will exempt this Merc Guilds right to participate in the War. FURTHERMORE, once this post is made there will be no going back on your decision.

- Keep in mind, mercenaries can barter and use RP to shape their dealings to their liking up until that 24hr deadline before the Battle takes place/until forum post made regarding which side will be taken in the war.

- If your guild has a monument in an unclaimed province, you may claim your province that you are situated in.
- If another guild is present in your province that you are claiming, you should consult them diplomatically about how they will live in your land. If you are in land that is being claimed, your are eligible to dispute the claim on the forums (if you have a monument) and have 24hrs after the original post to respond
- After you have successfully claimed your first province, your guild is then eligible to claim neighbouring provinces. Be advised that you must wait 7 days (currently) between each claim.
- If you are in the province being claimed, you can dispute as said above. Furthermore, if you have claimed your first province, and another guild makes an attempt to claim a neighbouring province to your existing borders, you are then eligible to dispute their claim on that neighbouring province. Again you have 24hrs to respond
- If claims are disputed it is advised that each guild tries to come to a solution diplomatically first - not point in a war if it could have been avoided. Set your demands, and if you cannot come to an agreement, you can either withdraw the claim or dispute to avoid war, OR you may go to war for the land.
- A war for land is simple. You organise a time, the place is a battlefield located in the land you are fighting for. Let the pitched field battle take place. Winner gets the land, loser doesn't.
- If this fight occurs in a province in which one of the guilds home base is located, this guild may be vassalised by the other guild upon defeat. Migration to another province is another option.

Border Control

(1) Border walls/defences may be built between province territories with the following conditions.
(A) Free movement of travel must be an option by horse an cart when the border is unmanned 
(B) If Gates control the ENTRY through the border walls, the gates must either be outside of Claims or © IF GATES are built within Claims (eg: Outpost claim area) the gates must be LEFT OPEN unless a formal war has been declared BY or AGAINST the GUILD that controls the GATE, or if the Gate is manned

This allows Guilds to maintain a control of their borders via walls and gates - while allowing FREE movement for other players to travel for trade , hunting , regional resources etc .

Guilds maintaining the borders can still RP control of their border - declare hostile RP , extort tolls etc during peace time.
HOWEVER the GATES can only be LOCKED / SHUT within claims on BORDER WALLS when FORMAL WARS have been announced and approved on the forums allowing the CONTROLLING GUILD to ENFORCE a STRICT BORDER CONTROL for the duration of the war.
-- PLEASE NOTE--  If a player notices that a BORDER GATE is LOCKED during peace time - and the CONTROLLING GUILD members are either NOT ONLINE , or REFUSE TO OPEN THE GATE - A GM can be contacted to UNLOCK and FORCE THE GATE OPEN. 

Furthermore, a guild can man their wall/gate during peacetime to set up a sort of "border control" and therefore issue a toll to pass into their lands etc.


If you want an outpost approach a GM to place it for you. Each guild can have an outpost for every province they have control over. Each outpost must be placed in a separate province.
- Slave Camps will follow a separate rule being one Slave camp per claim within the Kingdom (ie, Capital and two vassals is 3 Slave Camps.)
                      - these will have to be placed close to the claim
- People may gain outposts through War, without claiming the whole province. This means the Kingdom who loses their outpost will not be able to replace said outpost within the province.

- Merc guilds can place two outposts and a slave camp off the bat

Here are some questions you might ask yourself about your character to assist in character development:
What do you want to accomplish in life?
What is your past, your heritage, your joys, your sorrows?
If you are a group/guild why are you together?
Is there a united belief, goal, what do you as a group want to accomplish?
Do you share a history, or are you possibly related?
Why is your leader your leader? What is his/her title?
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