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Branded ban appeal
To whom it may concern,
I’m addressing the issue that arose with Tonkka. I would like to appeal the 30-day ban and to the action of recalling from Tonkka’s base.
After killing Tonkka, I looted him then went to leave his base. Because there was a way I could exit the base, as he used wooden palisade gatehouses, I could exit the base. There were a bunch of roofs and objects I could have jumped over to get out, which would have been considered as parkour roleplay. However, I did not know that recalling from others bases/claims was not allowed, so instead of jumping back over and leaving the claim, which wouldn’t have been much effort, I recalled on the spot.
I most likely did this because my horse had been killed, leaving me with no horse to ride home with, and walking back did not cross my mind.This led to me recalling.
I had deemed the fight with Tonkka as won, because he was the only member of his group online at that moment and I had beaten him. I would have understood if I had recalled during a fight that was still currently taking action, but the situation and fight was resolved and finished.
If this explanation does not justify in me recalling, I am truly sorry. If there is any other punishment I could undergo that would allow me to stay on the server, I would be more than happy to comply with that.

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